EMLstudio, LLC

Owner/Art Director/Artist

2014–Present, Austin, TX


  • Animation and video-editing in After Effects and Flash
  • Concepting ideas for characters and environments using Photoshop
  • Storyboarding animation ideas presenting iterative ideas to clients
  • Creating Illustration, UI/UX Design, and Logo Design for games and local businesses
  • Commissioning and directing a team of contractors for larger-scoped projects


  • Creating Oil Paintings and charcoal commissions for portraits, figure-art, and landscapes
  • Organizing and displaying personal works of art for local galleries


  • Working with local schools to create art education classes in the Austin-area
  • Teaching classes to kids and adults ages 3-young-professional
  • Focusing on art foundations and concept-design

Cadillac Jack

Lead Artist

2012–2014, Austin, TX

  • Promoted to managing the expansion of the company into Austin, TX
  • Collaborated with IT to install and activate necessary software, servers and equipment for employees
  • Interviewed, hired and trained initial team of artists and developers
  • Fulfilled responsibilities of branch manager while there was a search, which included: directing art, maintaining deadlines and collaborating with Atlanta managers, IT and HR
  • Lead the creation of some of our most innovative and feature-rich games that continued to improve the standard of our mainstream series

Lead Artist

2009–2012, Atlanta, GA

  • Guided and critiqued teams when the manager was away
  • Responsible for coordinating with team to concept, storyboard and design highly interactive games for the slot machine gaming market
  • Guide the overall design style of a product with a team of multiple 2D and 3D artists
  • Submitted and lead the conception and design of the Peter & Wendy ‘epic’ project by coordinating among design, development, math, audio and management
  • Redesign our UI to create a new modern and competitive look that rivaled competition
  • Proficient in coordinating with programmers and mathematicians to create artwork that complements game features
  • Work closely with the product owners to prioritize the backlog and keep communication open between the team and their product owner


2008–2009, Atlanta, GA

  • Paint both graphic and realistic characters, backgrounds and effects for several different themed games
  • Work with tight 2-3 month deadlines while maintaining high-quality work and modding for three platforms
  • Researched competitors on-site and increased quality of work by converting our team to painted, Photoshop art and textured 3D
  • Redesign our UI and implement an art template that sped up output by 20% and allowed for easy modding to our HD games
  • Create interesting and eye-catching animations using After Effects and Flash
  • Develop efficient techniques for displaying graphics and animations with minimal hardware


The University of Georgia

BFA, Major in Graphic Design

May 2008


University of Georgia Student Center 

Graphic Design Intern

May 2007–December 2007

  • Develop t-shirt, logo, poster and brochure designs with Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign
  • Convert graphics to web format with Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash
  • Interact with clients to create initial design concepts via phone and personal meetings

Red & Black Student Newspaper

Production Designer

August 2004–October 2006

  • Develop and design ads with QuarkXpress, Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Upload the entire paper and send to local printing press via an FTP site
  • Utilize basic html to edit type while uploading the paper to the internet at redandblack.com