I believe that all people are born artists. Some just stop drawing for some reason. I'm one of the ones that kept going.

I grew up designing video game characters and designing levels and UI's. I even moved on to teach myself Photoshop and HTML while in high school so I could show my work to people on this cool new thing called the internet.

I began my art career at the University of Georgia, working in the production department of the school paper and interning at the print shop of the student center. These jobs taught me how to work fast and the basics of both digital and printed design. I graduated from the Graphic Design program with a focus in Illustration and found a job at Cadillac Jack Inc., where I learned to work with programmers and sound engineers.

My experiences at Cadillac Jack taught me how to think out of the box with how to manage graphics and hardware. I have been instrumental in implementing several methods of our process and moved to Austin, TX to become the Lead Artist and help set up a separate branch from our home base in Atlanta. Now I'm freelancing and continuing to learn new skills and explore all areas of the art world.

Please feel free to contact me at and like me on Facebook if you'd like to follow my work!